Online Resources for Parents

Online Resources for Parents

In Brief

Because this website isn't intended to be comprehensive, we've assembled a listing of some sites that have even more resources and in-depth coverage of the topics we have only touched upon here.  Please note that a listing here does not constitute a formal endorsement of the site or all of the content located on the site.

Kids' and Teens' Internet Safety Sites

A program of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children that has interactive games and videos on a variety of Internet safety topics.


Nonprofits Addressing Teen and Family Safety Issues:

Common Sense Media
A comprehensive and frequently updated site that is packed with resources.  Dedicated to improving the lives of kids and families by providing information and education to help them thrive in a world of media and technology.

Family Online Safety Institute




Resources for parents, educators, kids and parishes on navigating mobile and social media technologies.

Enough is Enough
EIE is dedicated to continuing to raise public awareness about online dangers, specifically the dangers of Internet pornography and sexual predators. EIE advances solutions that promote equality, fairness, and respect for human dignity with shared responsibility between the public, technology, and the law.

Helping you Talk to your Kids about
One-stop for an overview of advice from several child safety organizations on sexually explicit and violent material, meeting strangers online, sharing too much personal information, cyberbullying, exposure to vulgar language, sites promoting inappropriate behavior, and malware.

A UK site that Internet Matters is an independent, not-for-profit organisation to help parents keep their children safe online.  Internet Matters provides practical suggestions about how to take preventative measures, but also what to do if your family needs advice about a specific issue. Whether it's finding out about filters to search safely or what to do about cyberbullying, Internet Matters aims to put you in touch with the best resources and support.

Family online safety institute – Platform for Good
A nonprofit organization which enables teens, parents and educators to connect, teaching digital citizenship skills so that kids make safe, smart choices online.

ConnectSafely is for parents, teens, educators, advocates, policy makers – everyone engaged in and interested in the impact of the social Web.

Safety Sections of Major Services and Social Networks

Facebook's hub for family safety with tips, tools and products to help parents, educators, law enforcement, teens and the broader community stay safe.

Flickr's help section provides you with basic assistance in privacy and sharing for your photos.   You'll likely need to supplement the information in this section with Yahoo's Flickr safety guide.

Google's Good to Know
Tips and advice for keeping your family safe online from Google.

Pinterest's main support page with information on general account settings, privacy, blocking followers, and linking or unlinking your account with Facebook and Twitter.

Twitter's main support page with links to their safety center, which provides tips for parents, teens, and teachers as well as basic safety, security, and privacy information all twitter users should be aware of.

YouTube's main support page with information on safety, harassment and cyberbullying, privacy, and more.  Some of the support material is available in both text and supplemental videos.

Disney's Internet safety page provides basic tips and short video segments that help orient parents to some of the issues they should be attentive to.


Topically Focused Web sites:

Cyberbullying Research Center
Site contains research statistics on bullying, information about cyberbullying and the law,  and multimedia from interviews on various shows on the topic of bullying.