Do Not Track Kids Call to Action Day Weds. Feb 26

On Wednesday, February 26th please stand up for Kids Online Privacy by calling or emailing your Senators and Representative to urge them to become a cosponsor of the Do Not Track Kids Act (S. 1700, H.R. 3481).  This bill was introduced by a group of bipartisan Members of Congress to enhance online privacy protection for kids and teens

Why is this important?

Tracking the online movements of children and teens -- and collecting their personal data -- has become widespread. Companies collect kids’ and teens’ information and then sell the information to advertisers and data brokers. 

We need legislation that would require consent before kids and teens receive targeted advertisements. We need legislation that requires websites to have an “eraser button” that allows users aged 15 and under to control information they previously posted. We need legislation that prohibits Internet companies from collecting personal information from teens without their consent.  

What should I do?

Call or email your representatives in Congress on Wednesday, February 26th to urge them to cosponsor the Do Not Track Kids Act (S. 1700, H.R. 3481).  Look up your Senators and Find Your Representative Online or call the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and ask to be connected to your Senators and Representative.

What should I say? Where can I learn more?
More information is available at DoNotTrackKids.Org, including scripts for both your phone calls and emails, as well as a summary of the bill