How to Use This Site

We've tried to make this guide as simple and practical as possible.  It's intended to be a starting point for parents of faith who may not know where to turn, what to do, or just need some quick information and practical guidance.  This website is just that—a guide.  The sections are intended to give you an overview of the key issues and some thoughtful ways of proceeding. Sections do not pretend to be comprehensive or exhaustive in any way.

The site is divided into topical sections. The broad theme of each section is viewed "Through the Eyes of Faith".  Each "Through the Eyes of Faith" article looks at the topic from a Roman Catholic and Orthodox Christian perspective.  These sections are designed to break open the relationship between technology, safety, and the Christian life by offering reflections on our core values and faith commitments.

The individual articles follow a consistent structure that is simple, concise, easy to follow and reference.  In general, app and web site reviews will follow the consistent structure from our partner, CommonSense Media.

Other articles on the site begin with a 3-5 sentence "in brief" that let's you to quickly get an idea of what.

In Brief
Each section begins with an "In Brief" like this. This give you an overview of the topic.





Next, "Questions to Ask" and "Features to Look For" boxes will highlight important points noted from the chapter.

Features to Look For

This box will be your quick reference
checklist for any action items you will
need to look for in the chapter.

Finally, each section will end with "Family Discussion Starters".  These questions are intended to help you dialogue with your children about the various safety issues presented.  We cannot over-emphasize the importance of you, as parents, becoming active role models and positive influences in the lives of your children.  It is our sincere hope and prayer that this important section will help you in that process.

Simply put, each section is structured so that we tell you what we're going to cover, give you a check-list of major points to remember, and then offer you some questions to help you talk about the issue with your family.

One last thing should probably be noted here: as has been suggested, one key aim of this guide is to provide a practical resource to help you in your work to ensure the safety of your kids in the digital world. At times, the guide will offer some concrete suggestions on products, services, and websites that can help you in your efforts.  We have done our due diligence to make sure that at the time of publication of a document, each company, service, and website noted in this site offers products and services that can provide value to you and your family. The organizations included here have a track record of quality, effectiveness, and reliability.

Family Discussion Starters

The "Family Discussion Starters" at the end of each section helps you start a conversation with your family and kids on the topic covered.

It is important to note, however, that this site is not future-proof. That's just the way technology is.  The authors cannot, for instance, unequivocally vouch for the ongoing quality and security of these products. We have chosen things that have proven track records and that we reasonably expect to maintain a high level service. Yet, we do not control these companies.  Thus, we can offer no guarantees.

Additionally, while we have made every effort to select companies that do not violate the principles of the Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox Churches, the selections do not constitute endorsements of the viewpoints or ongoing business practices of the companies mentioned.  You have every reason to trust the recommendations here, but be sure to evaluate them for yourself.