Do Not Track Kids: Twitter Q&A Kit

On Wednesday, April 9, there will be a Twitter Q&A and the topic is the bipartisan and bicameral “Do Not Track Kids Act” with Senator Markey & Congressman Barton. Their handles are @MarkeyMemo @RepJoeBarton. Join the chat at April 9, 2014 2 PM EDT. Use the hashtag #AskKidsPriv. See the details below for more information.


Do Not Track Kids Tool Twitter Q&A Kit

Twitter chats are a great way for people on Twitter to tweet together at a set time to discuss a specific topic. In our case, the topic is the bipartisan and bicameral “Do Not Track Kids Act” introduced by Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) and Congressman Joe Barton (R-TX). #AskKidsPriv


We will use a Q&A format for this twitter chat. For each question, we will send out a retweet (RT) or modified tweet (MT) with the question and Twitter handle of the original question. We will chat for 30 minutes and answer as many questions as possible.  

Help Get the Word Out:

Help get the word out about the #AskKidsPriv twitter Q&A through social media channels in the days leading up to the event and day of by using the designated hashtag, #AskKidsPriv. Be sure to including the date & time 4/9 2PM. This will help with collecting questions in advance and prepared responses.

Example for user of how to participate & monitor #AskKidsPriv  Q&A

1) Sign in to twitter

2) Search #AskKidsPriv to monitor the ongoing chat

3) Tweet your question to Senator Markey or Rep. Barton

For example)  @ConcernedCitizen:  .@MarkeyMemo @RepJoeBarton Why is this bill necessary? #AskKidsPriv

4) @MarkeyMemo or @RepJoeBarton  will select a tweet to reply to by retweeting it, then include that person’s twitter handle in their response.

For example) RT @ConcernedCitizen .@MarkeyMemo @RepJoeBarton Why is this bill necessary? #AskKidsPriv

Response @MarkeyMemo : [email protected] this bill is important because it gives parents the tools to protect their kids online

Social Information

Twitter Handles:

Senator Markey (D-MA)@MarkeyMemo

Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) @RepJoeBarton



To participate in this Twitter Q & A please include #AskKidsPriv & @MarkeyMemo  @RepJoeBarton  in your tweets.

Helpful Links

Video of Senator Markey on the Do Not Track Kids Act:

Press Release of Bill Introduction:

One pager on the bill:

Potential Questions for Q&A

Policy questions:

.@MarkeyMemo @RepJoeBarton Why is this bill necessary? #AskKidsPriv

.@MarkeyMemo @RepJoeBarton Why do we need this bill? #AskKidsPriv

.@MarkeyMemo @RepJoeBarton Why are kids and teens vulnerable online? #AskKidsPriv

.@MarkeyMemo @RepJoeBarton Why is it important for parents to have tools? #AskKidsPriv

.@MarkeyMemo @RepJoeBarton Is this issue bipartisan? #AskKidsPriv

.@MarkeyMemo @RepJoeBarton Why do you care about kids privacy? #AskKidsPriv

.@MarkeyMemo @RepJoeBarton How can I get more involved? #AskKidsPriv

.@MarkeyMemo @RepJoeBarton What can we do to make this bill law? #AskKidsPriv

.@MarkeyMemo @RepJoeBarton Is support widespread for this bill? #AskKidsPriv


Fun Questions:

.@MarkeyMemo were you and @RepJoeBarton’s office really next door to each other? #AskKidsPriv

.@MarkeyMemo @RepJoeBarton Is it hard to disagree on many issues but agree on kids #privacy [hash]? #AskKidsPriv

.@MarkeyMemo @RepJoeBarton Is it hard to work with @RedSox fan? #AskKidsPriv


Concluding Tweets:

Thank you @MarkeyMemo @RepJoeBarton  for work on bipartisan #DoNotTrackKids bill #AskKidsPriv

Let's pass bipartisan #DoNotTrackKids bill  - Kids are spending more time online, at younger ages & w more co's watching #AskKidsPriv

Congress must act on #DoNotTrackKids bill. We must not allow the era of Big #Data to become Big Danger for our kids. #AskKidsPriv

Now is the time to pass #DoNotTrackKids act to protect & prevent kids from being tracked online @MarkeyMemo @RepJoeBarton #AskKidsPriv

Post Twitter Q & A:

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