How To Stop People From Snooping On You With Facebook's Graph Search

Caitlyn Becker reports on the Huffington Post that  Facebook has officially rolled out Graph Search to everyone on the social network. The new search engine, originally accessible to only a select group after itsintroduction in March, lets you search through the mountains of information the site's more than 1 billion members produce daily. She notes that everyone with a Facebook account can now find "friends from London who like 'True Blood' ".

In Facebook's attempt to connect friends and friends of friends to one another, your information, now fed into a search engine, is more public than ever before. If you're irked by the the idea of strangers finding out personal details of your life with a few clicks in a search bar, there are steps you can take to ensure your privacy on Facebook.

In the full article, you can follow a step by step on protecting your privacy.

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