Who is my Online Neighbor?

An expert in the law asked Jesus, "who is my neighbor?"[1]  Jesus' response is one we all know well: the parable of the Good Samaritan in which He tells us that our "neighbor" isn't just the person who lives next door to us—it's everyone.   Jesus' timeless lessons of love and compassion toward our neighbor should also guide our attitude about bullying.  We should avoid attacking, hurting, or embarrassing someone else.  We should  always think about the consequences of forwarding texts, emails, or videos.  But our responsibility doesn't stop there.  Loving our online neighbor means reporting injustices and comforting those who are injured—just as the Good Samaritan. Anyone we encounter online is as much a neighbor to us as the injured man was in the parable.  The online power each of us has can be just as hurtful as the robbers' blows or as healing as the Samaritan's unconditional love.  In our words and actions, may we always exhibit Christ-like love and genuine care for the well-being of others.

[1] Luke 10.25ff