Losing smartphone is almost as stressful as terror threat

The Physiological Society, an organization of more than 3,500 scientists from over 60 countries, reports that the loss of a smartphone is perceived to be almost as stressful as a terrorist threat. Their recent study of 2,000 British citizens shows that such modern problems, including identity theft and commuter delays, are significant stressors. By providing this information, the Physiological Society hopes to raise awareness of the effects of stress on how the body functions.

Over 60 Percent of Devices Talk to Google Each Day

Internet tracking firm, Deepfield, is reporting that on average about 62 percent of all connected devices — be they smartphones, game consoles, or desktop computers — sent traffic to Google servers at some point during every day, arguably upwards of a billion devices.

Young Parents Don't Stress Over Kids' Media Use: Survey

US News & World Report is reporting that because they have grown up with gadgets galore, young parents aren't as worried about the potentially corrosive effects of too much screen time on their offspring, a new study suggests. Surveying more than 2,300 parents of children up to age 8, researchers from Northwestern University found that the vast majority -- 78 percent -- report that their children's media use is not a source of family conflict, and 59 percent said they aren't concerned their kids will become addicted to new media.

Nearly two-thirds of American parents monitor kids on Social Networking Sites

A just-released study from the Annenberg Center for the Digital Future at the University of Southern California reveals that two-thirds of parents say they monitor their children's social media activity. Slightly less than half (46 percent) have password access to their children's account.

For the first time, a third of American adults own tablet computers

The Pew Research Center reports that a third (34%) of American adults ages 18 and older own a tablet computer like an iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Google Nexus, or Kindle Fire—almost twice as many as the 18% who owned a tablet a year ago.

Facebook Growth Statistics Through May 2013

In the 12 months ending May 2013, Facebook has experienced tremendous growth including 665 million daily active users (an increase of 26%), 4.75 billion content items shared (an increase of 94%), and 4.5 billion likes (an increase of 67%)

Cell phone ownership hits 91% of adults

The Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project is reporting that over 90% of adults now own a cell phone. According to Pew, the cell phone is the most quickly adopted consumer technology in the history of the world.

Kids start watching porn at age 6; flirting online at age 8

According to a 2013 study by Bitdefender, kids watch porn online as early as age 6. The age kids start accessing instant messaging and computer games is getting younger and younger; and 2 percent of computer game addicts are five years onld.

Wireless Industry Statistics 1997-2012

Since 1997, the wireless industry has exploded seeing continued growth in the number of subscribers, data usage, text messages, emergency 911 calls, and even the emergence of a new category: wireless-only households.

Demographics of Social Media Users

A survey by the Pew Internet and Amerian Life Project on the demographics of social media users shows that in comparison to other age demographics, it is young adults who tend to be major users of social media.